Christmas Songs That Must Die

Love it or hate it, the Christmas season is here. So in an effort to ease us through, and hopefully with a bit of good cheer, I thought I’d ask…

What Christmas song do you hate?

Which one makes you gag or have mild convulsions or start to rant and rave?

I’ll go first.

“Wonderful Christmas Time” by Paul McCartney.

I love the Beatles. I totally respect McCartney’s songwriting skills, but THIS goop brings out the Scrooge in me.

Why? Because it’s aural Cheez Whiz dripping with synth sounds found on Santa’s Naughty List. Because the trite melody makes me want to drown McCartney in Christmas booze. Because the production sounds like he recorded it on a Tascam cassette recorder.

There! I feel better!

So how about you? Which one (or ones!) make you want to strangle Santa or kick away Tiny Tim’s crutch?