Katniss vs Elabea: Who Would Win?

KatnissI’ve had a few readers of Tears of Min Brock comment that they felt my heroine, Elabea (pronounced, Ela-bay) was similar to Katniss of Hunger Games.

I’m flattered! I’m a big fan of the trilogy.

Now before anyone thinks I ripped off Ms. Collins’ character, I want to set the record straight. I was writing the War of Whispers series long before the Hunger Games  went to press, and no, I’m not insinuating she stole my idea either. Let’s just call it coincidence and leave it at that.

Elabea and Katniss are similar in that they both live in a dystopian society, although Tears is set in a different time period, and they both have a boy-friend that is a great confidant. Both girls are strong-willed, independent and destined to fulfill a mission or in Elabea’s case, a quest.

But I think it’s their differences that set them apart as equally strong characters. Elabea is younger and unlike Katniss, does not hunt. In fact, she is squeamish when it comes to blood and prefers daydreaming in her great oak to picking a fight. She’s insecure with her appearance, even though she’s attractive, and has a wild imagination. Her home life is dsyfunctional and due to her father’s shame at Min Brock, she’s an outcast in her own village.

If Katniss and Elabea met, they would probably become very good friends. Of course, if they battled in the Hunger Games, I fear Elabea wouldn’t stand a chance. However, if they competed after Book II, Martyr’s Moon, when Elabea comes into her storyteller powers, it would be a different matter.

In future posts, I’ll elaborate on how I developed Elabea’s character.