Feeling Old & Young

While typing, I’m watching my thirteen-month-old grandson waddle around.  Now I’m in decent shape, but chasing him, closing “dangerous doors,” and holding and playing with him quickly remind me I’m in my 50’s.  But when he does something cute, or flashes me a loving smile, oh how I feel so young!

Readers to Authors

I love getting emails from readers!  I suppose it’s knowing I’ve connected (in some way) with another, which gives intrinsic meaning to my writing.  How about you?  If you’re an author, do you enjoy this?  If you’re a reader, do you like writing an author?

New Review

For those interested, here’s a new review…

The Cypress Times


Hate the Dark

I love this time of year, but I hate the lack of sunshine.  Can anyone relate?

Blog Interview

Here’s a blog interview I did a few weeks ago.  Hope you’ll leave a comment.

I’m also starting to blog & Tweet.  Please sign up and join the craziness!