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It’s In the Blood!

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking to a high school literary group.  I shared  my journey as an author, passed out free bookmarks, and showed them the original manuscript.

I thought they would find the facts dull, but instead, their eyes lit up and there was a “connection.”  We conversed about writing and marketing instead of me merely pitching  Tears of Min Brock like a sleazy car salesman.  In short, I’ve found MY way to connect with my audience and readers.  And walking out to my car, I also realized that for a brief moment, I was a teacher.  What a great feeling!

This shouldn’t surprise me.  After all, my Dad was a college professor and had a true gift for taking complex subject matter and not only making it palatable, but enjoyable to learn.

Sure, I hope all those kids went home, looked up my book and ordered it.  But even if they didn’t, I’m still going to reach out to other schools.

It’s in the blood!

A Confession

Maybe it’s the dang political rhetoric that, to my ears, sounds like “blah-blah-blah-blah…”  Maybe it’s the head cold making me feel blah-blah-blah-blah.  But whatever the reason, last night I popped in Don Henley’s  Inside Job  and came alive with lyrics like…

“He speaks the language of a warrior, he mounts his misinformed attack, he wears the clothes of a dissenter but there’s a logo on his back.  And it’s a hollow rebellion as rebellions mostly are.  It’s just another raging tempest in a jar.”

Now before you “unfollow” my blog for fear I’m about to mount my own “misinformed attack,” rest assured that all I want to say is that Henley’s music connected my head with my heart.  It was magic, perhaps even therapeutic, how this song dredged up gunk that had backlogged in my soul.  It was also a heck of a lot cheaper than counseling!

Yes, I’m a recovering cynic and should have known better, but with the week I’d had, well, I couldn’t resist the temptation.  So after dinner, when no one was looking, I spun off in my Jeep and slammed down some shots of cynicism with Don.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to go on a binge, and if it makes you feel better, I’ll promise not to do this again anytime soon.

But I must confess that it sure does feel good to vent!  So since I’m still under the influence, I’ll let Don conclude this post…

“Now the trouble with you and me, my friend, is the trouble with this nation, too many blessings, too little appreciation.  And I know that kind of notion –well, it just ain’t cool, so send me back to Sunday school…”

Cool Christmas CD

I thought I’d take a break from my normal blog posts and do a plug for a good friend of mine.  Chad (Chad’s Blog) is a gifted songwriter and has some cuts on a Christmas CD by Matt Wertz called Snow Globe.  I just listened to it and I really like it (which as my Nashville friends know takes some doing!)

Sultry strings and popping horns blend wonderfully with Matt’s smokey voice, and in many ways, Snow Globe reminds me of some of the classic Christmas albums of past eras.  It’s also refreshing to hear an album void of synths, loops, and drum machines.  Yes, Virginia, this CD contains LIVE musicians!

When you have a moment, go check out Snow Globe.  You won’t be disappointed!

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