Life goes on after recruitment

Proud of this young lady. Honored to be her Dad. Hope it will mean as much to you as it did me. JL

maura reid lowder

Countless times I have heard, “I would never go through rush again,” yet here I am, going through it a second time. I like to think since I have gone through this before, I am so much wiser than the people going through if for their first time. However, I’m still getting caught up in the thought that this is everything. Which it isn’t, it is just a very emotional process where you make yourself vulnerable.

The thoughts of not getting invited back to my top houses ,or at least one, has me in an anxious mess. It was not until last night I had finally processed I’m doing this whole thing again. Last year, I was so confident. I was senior class president,had good grades, and anything else I thought a sorority could want. In retrospect, I can see how I was searching for my identity and security by joining a sorority.


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J.E. Lowder

I've played bass for Shania Twain, had a black rhino charge me while on safari, and I've been in the Oval Office. In high school, I went backstage to interview groups like Bob Seger, Rush and Kansas, sorta like "Almost Famous" but without Kate Hudson! As an author, I draw from all these experiences (and then some) when crafting my stories. The quote that sums me up the best is by G.K. Chesterton: "Nay, the really sane man know that he has a touch of the madman." I'm married, the father of four wonderful children, and a proud grandfather. I currently live near Nashville, TN where I write, bike and am always on the prowl for adventure and stories.

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