Why Giving Away Thousands Of Free Books Is A Good Thing

I’ve been researching, debating, pondering, considering the whole “FREE BOOK!” phenom as a marketing tool.  I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but this blog is one of the better examples I’ve read supporting the notion.

What do you thing?

Why Giving Away Thousands Of Free Books Is A Good Thing.

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J.E. Lowder

I've played bass for Shania Twain, had a black rhino charge me while on safari, and I've been in the Oval Office. In high school, I went backstage to interview groups like Bob Seger, Rush and Kansas, sorta like "Almost Famous" but without Kate Hudson! As an author, I draw from all these experiences (and then some) when crafting my stories. The quote that sums me up the best is by G.K. Chesterton: "Nay, the really sane man know that he has a touch of the madman." I'm married, the father of four wonderful children, and a proud grandfather. I currently live near Nashville, TN where I write, bike and am always on the prowl for adventure and stories.

2 thoughts on “Why Giving Away Thousands Of Free Books Is A Good Thing”

  1. I tried it out at Christmas and was blown away by the results. Very similar to the blogger you reference. Much the same is reported in a number of threads in the KDP writers forum. There is a counter argument that these promotions give away potential sales (which, we know, are often few and far between!) but another way to look at it is that there are many readers who simply do not have budget/interest to buy (i.e. would never purchase the book, ever). I believe that readers talking about our work are probably our most effective sales advocates and if a few of these new readers do, then that’s the ROI for me…


    1. Thanks, Anthony. A marketing guru told me that since mine is a series, and I have all the books written, to perhaps view Book I (Tears of Min Brock) as the “business card” to give away to build the fan base. And when Book II is released, I would have a bigger financial return. Much to ponder…


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