Hate the Dark

I love this time of year, but I hate the lack of sunshine.  Can anyone relate?

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J.E. Lowder

I've played bass for Shania Twain, had a black rhino charge me while on safari, and I've been in the Oval Office. In high school, I went backstage to interview groups like Bob Seger, Rush and Kansas, sorta like "Almost Famous" but without Kate Hudson! As an author, I draw from all these experiences (and then some) when crafting my stories. The quote that sums me up the best is by G.K. Chesterton: "Nay, the really sane man know that he has a touch of the madman." I'm married, the father of four wonderful children, and a proud grandfather. I currently live near Nashville, TN where I write, bike and am always on the prowl for adventure and stories.

4 thoughts on “Hate the Dark”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Love fall in Wisconsin – the beautiful colors, the crisp leaves on the sidewalks cruching beneath your feet, the brisk air. I just can’t be happy about shorter and darker days. For the next several months I’ll just be focused on one word – “spring”. If only it didn’t seem so far away!


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